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 Other players can participate in this tournament was the International Executive Committee, China score if they have the game winner will get to participate in the 2007Years international wave than Football Federation World Championship (Italy) activities of cumulative points, if in year international wave than Football Federation China Executive Committee the events points by former will is expected to representative China participate in end of in Italy Turin held of World Championship except very poly fun of wave than football game outside, body Bo will also will and outdoor era network cooperation organization to "sweat and joy peer" for concept of Chengdu "easy line" day activities. In addition, the introduction of the "Sports Park" concept in and outside the pavilions set up two theme activities--"basketball Park" and "ultimate active Park" and other activities. These activities to further promote the Olympic context of holistic fitness boom sport is football on the field moved onto a countertop, through both hands to control the ball who struck the ball, dribbling, passing, shooting, scores of highly entertaining sport.