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Some of the most effective in firm will be in attendance, with headliner comic legend and the around good guy Stan Lee, and industry powerhouse Jim Lee.

Before Madden 10's August release, EA gave XBox Live and PSN users a to be able to play a demo belonging to the game, full of five minute quarters, rather than normal two minute quarters of demos past. Giving this offer to presale Madden purchasers was an approach to reward franchise faithfuls extra gameplay while giving new users more of a taste that might lead to them getting hooked also. 2K Sports has expanded on the business model by charging a bit of a fee for the authority to play a stripped down version of their next mission. Will Draft Combine hook any new users or convert any NBA Live collectors? Playing NBA 2K9 would probably do better for that do. But it will hold over those awaiting 2K10 delivers them from the chance to prep a created player for used that contest.